Souvlikeit is our tribute to the humble Greek kitchen. We’ve sought to bring the flavor and quality of the Greek kitchen to the UK. Souvlikeit is built on the concept of “filoxenia”—legendary Greek hospitality. We hope that Souvlikeit will create wonderful experiences and lasting memories for our guests.

In our attempt to redefine the term “traditional Greek cuisine” both aesthetically and quality-wise, we came across a dilemma: does traditional mean “old”? We then created a contemporary restaurant with recipes that maintain traditional character and exceptional quality.

Our Goal was to redefine Greek cuisine around the long-standing term of “meze” & “souvlaki”—bite-size servings of exceptionally good food to be shared by everyone around the table and the well known meat on a skewer,  a traditional greek term for fast food

Traditional Greek Flavors

At SOUVLIKEIT, traditional Greek flavors meet the grill. Conceptualized by two friends and Greek natives with a love of grilling